Desk Marketing

The desktop and office are “Prime Real Estate”. This is where your name or advertising message will be seen and remembered every time your prospect or client is in their office. Slick brochures are filed away. Newspaper and magazine ads are thrown away. Radio and television ads are soon forgotten. Emails are deleted. But if you present your name and message on a useful and attractive promotional gift, you will be assured that it will not be filed away, thrown away, forgotten or deleted

When you present your prospect or client with a promotional gift that they can use on their desk or in their office, you have acquired a PRIME LOCATION for marketing your business.

To be effective and command attention, a promotional product must have a perceived value, must be useful, functional and attractive. The promotional product needs to be an item that benefits the user on a regular basis. Certain items are used so often that they always remain on the desktop. 

Here are a few of the more popular items we have seen be very successful:

Coasters are very functional in that they keep cool drinks from sweating on the desk top and keep it clean of rings left from cups of mugs.

*Sticky Note Pads:
Sticky note pads are extremely popular and come in different shapes and sizes. 

*Note Pads:
Who doesn’t look for something to write a message on when they are at their desk? And when the sheet of paper is torn off your message is still there.

*Desk Pads:
An interesting and functional desk pad has an incredible amount of space to advertise your business.

*Pen and Pencil Caddies:
A pen and pencil caddy is an excellent item that always sits on top of the desk. They can be simple or sophisticated and offers a considerable amount of space for your message.

There is a perfect calculator for everyone. They are available in different sizes with small and large easy to read keys, and are available flat and flexible. They are also available electric of battery powered.

*Candy/Apothecary Jars:
Because of the nature of what goes in them, they will command a prime spot on your client’s desk and reception areas. In addition they give you an opportunity to make another sales call. Bring the seasonal favorite and refill the jar.

*Mobile Phone Speaker Stands:
Today everyone has a mobile device that needs charging. Present an attractive and modern stand and it will command a spot on the desktop and be seen every day.

*Picture Frames:
What gets looked at more often during the day than a picture of your loved ones looking back at you? Whether glass, acrylic, leather or cardboard, picture frames are sure to have a great spot on the desktop or wall.

*Travel and Desktop Mugs:
Whether hot or cold, everyone drinks some time throughout the day. An attractive and innovative mug, both for the desk and car, which is dishwasher safe, is a great gift. Travel mugs are available in many different styles and colors and have large areas for your company message.

*Letter openers:
Every day the mail is delivered and must be opened. These are available in many different shapes and sizes and you can be assured your message will be seen daily.

When it’s time to call you, make sure your message is on a clock sitting on the desktop. Everyone looks at a clock numerous times a day. These are available in different colors and designs.

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