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Reasons to use Promotional Products 

1.  Event Marketing:  Product Launch, Open House, Introduction of a New Service. 

2.  Business Gifts:  Customer Appreciation to your clients, Retirement Rewards to team-members in your organization, Employee Gifts at the company picnic or holiday party, Client Gifts welcoming new clients.

3.  Self-Promotion Tools:  Promote their organization or business during slow, busy or any season.

4.  Employee Relations Tools:  What can you provide your employees to keep them happy? Reward incentives.

5.  Trade Show Incentives:  Attract qualified traffic to your booth, collect their information and follow up after the show.

6.  Public Relations: To increase awareness, send a gift with your press release increases the chance of being read or printed.

7.  Brand Awareness:  Get your brand in front of your target audience.

8.  Motivation:  Motivate individuals to take action. 

9.  Fundraising:  Imprinted Promotional Products help to improve response...instead of saying “send us your money now,” try saying “send us your money and receive this limited edition, custom imprinted gift not available in any store….”  Purchase an item for $5 and provide to those making a $50 contribution is a 10:1 ROI…

10.  Company Stores & Shopping Cart:  Employee’s become part of the team by wearing your logo.

11.  Safety Programs:  Keep everyone safe.

12.  Customer Acquisition:  Obtain new clients.

13.  Customer Re-Activation:  Re-engage clients that you haven’t seen lately.

14.  Revenue Enhancement Programs:  Increase the size of your orders.

15.  Health Awareness Programs:  Assist employees in being their healthiest.

Your Brand. Our Promotions.

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