Reasons to use Promotional Products

Reasons to use Promotional Products

1 Event Marketing: product Launch, Open House, Introduction of a new service being launched.

2. Business Gifts: Reward clients who have bought from you, Gifts to people in your organization who are Retiring, Employee Gifts at the company picnic or holiday party, a gift to every 1st Time Client who places an order with you, welcome gift to new clients for becoming a new client.

3. Self-Promotion Tools: Everyone needs to Promote their Business during slow, busy or any season.

4. Employee Relations Tools: In a rough competitive environment, what can you give your employees to make them happy and keep them happy? Reward Incentives.

5. Tradeshow Incentives: Attract qualified traffic to your booth, then collect the information of those qualified prospects and follow up with them after the tradeshow.

6. Public Relations: Increase awareness, Send a Gift with a Press Release increases the chance of that press release gets read or printed.

7. Brand Awareness: Be in front of the people you want to be in front of.

8. Motivation: Get people to take action.

9. Fundraising: Imprinted Promotional Products helps to improve response…instead of saying “send us your money now” you can say “send us your money and receive this limited edition, custom imprinted gift not available in any store….”If you purchase a gift that costs $5 and offer it as a gift to those who send a contribution of $50, that is a 10:1 return…

10: Company Stores & Catalogs: Have employee’s   become part of the team wearing your logo.

11 Safety Programs: Keep employees and customers safe.

12 Customer Acquisition: Getting new clients.

13 Customer Re-Activation: Getting clients back that you haven’t seen for a while.

14. Revenue Enhancement Programs: Increase the size of your orders.

15. Health Awareness Programs: Assist employees get and stay in top shape.